Monday, May 4, 2009

Individuality. Diversity. Leadership.

Cherokee Studios presents its fellow community members and future residents with several shared values, including:  individuality, diversity, and thought leadership. 



Like Cherokee’s building design, community members that live, record and interact with Cherokee will be recognized for their individuality.  Cherokee’s innovation of design is as individualistic as its residents’ choice of lifestyle habits.  The design and development process for Cherokee was demanding and unique.  The process positioned Cherokee to be the first multi-use, live/work building designed for LEED Platinum certification. 

Similarly, Cherokee community members will have a unique live/work environment that can include a custom, home-recording space within a LEED certified residence not because they are eccentric or demanding artists, but individuals that are pro-active in discerning conscious lifestyle choices. 



Cherokee Studios’ history may stand in contrast to the diversity of resident professions for which the new home-recording spaces are designed.  Any musician, professional or recreational, can live here.  Loft recording specs are outfitted for film scorers as well as music, film, and game producers.  Editors, writers and animators should view our spaces too.

Residents of Cherokee will see the benefit of living and working in a community of diverse, albeit like-minded residents.  Each resident may form worthwhile professional bonds or engage in otherwise infrequent conversation regarding life and work in and around Cherokee.  All recording enthusiasts or professionals can identify with Cherokee’s design for pro-active, conscious and creative lifestyle demands.  The result will be a community of creative design leadership.


Thought Leadership

Cherokee Studios is not a benchmark in development, but a call for innovation to our peer group of creatives and greenies.

Cherokee Studios welcomes individuals that will work, as Cherokee’s design team has done, to create new meaningful forms and expression.  Just as forms and expression such as the Capitol Records building and so many lyrics about Hollywood or Sunset Boulevard, the creative community at Cherokee Studios will be leaders in creative identity of Los Angeles and in their respective fields as they create, for example, video games, screenplays and viral videos.     

Cherokee Studios can serve unto its fellow community members as creative stimulation.  As creative community members demand innovative thinking and design measures in their own work, Cherokee Studios demanded the same of its builders in planning and design.  As a result, Cherokee Studios is not a project of scale or a derivative of proven development measures, but a case study in green development. 

In other words, Cherokee Studios is space for the creative individual to utilize extracurricular and work skills to design a participatory home/work environment… to actively participate in developing their community.   


For more information on the specs of the custom, home-recording spaces, please contact DeKoven at REthink Development at

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